About us


We believe that there was a unique opportunity to add some fun, flare and truly different designs in the press on nail
industry. We wanted to blend the “rock & roll” side of you with the “princess” side for someone to boldly show off their
individuality. Not one person is solely rock & roll or solely princess. Prime Nails enables you to express yourself on
both ends of the spectrum while having fun and looking your best at the same time!


We took the bolder elements of what it is to be rock & roll - grungy, dark solid colors, skulls and lightening bolts - and combined them with the softer elements of the classic princess look - shades of pink and silver, which resulted in a unique and playful collections of press on nails that are unlike anything else on the market


What is Prime Nails? It is a collection designed to be the perfect clash between the darker, grungy side of you while also expressing the more playful, pretty side. What this collection does is offer someone the chance to show both sides of their personality through a set of nails that is truly unique in a market filled with a similar mix of colors and patterns. Prime Nails wants to be different by blending bold and edgy with elegant and stylish. Welcome to Prime Nails.....